Month: February 2018

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Can You Do Your Own SEO Work?

Yes, You Can Do Your Own SEO Work.  Learning “HOW” to do SEO work isn’t all that hard if you can wade through the misinformation – much of it put out by Search Engines themselves in an effort to keep people from gaming the system.   When it comes to SEO, the basics are actually fairly…
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Are You Asking The Right Questions To Turn Leads Into Customers?

Are You Asking The Right Questions To Turn Leads Into Customers? In the book “The Innovators DNA”, authors Jeffy Dyer, Hal Gregersen and Clayton M. Christensen discuss four types of effective questions. Let’s say you’ve recently noticed fewer leads coming in through your webpage where customers can request a quote.  Look at the difference between the…
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Google Adwords Clickthrough Rate

Our own Google Adwords Clickthrough rate is improving.  What about yours?  If we can do it for ourself we can do it for YOU! Your AdWords Ad can outperform those who bid more, and rank higher when SEO and AdWords are done in hamony. In fact, Good SEO can allow your AdWords Ad to rank…
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Why You Should Do What You Do Best, and Leave the SEO to an Expert

Why You Should Do What You Do Best, and Leave the SEO or Digital Marketing to an Expert Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. A common business instinct (and potential big mistake) is to focus time and attention on what seems wrong and attempt to make corrections on your own.  But this approach means time and energy…
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Should You Do SEO, Build New Website or Re-Design Current Website?

Q.  What should you do first to increase your online lead generation and sales? SEO?  New Website?  Re-Design Website? A:  Instead of “Either/Or” The best answer is “Both/And”.  This was not a trick question but hopefully, it was a thought-provoking question.   SEO work should be done in concert with Website Design and Content Development.  When SEO…
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How Much SEO Can You Get For $500?

“How Much SEO Can You Get For $500?” That’s a Good Question! The Answer is:  “How much ice cream can you get for $5.00?”  Wait…. What?  Read On! How much SEO you get for $500 may depend on where you are, what kind you want, and who made it.  Right?  I mean, if you are good with Generic Vanilla,…
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