How Much SEO Can You Get For $500?

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How Much SEO Can You Get For $500?

digital marketing, online marketing“How Much SEO Can You Get For $500?”

That’s a Good Question! The Answer is:  “How much ice cream can you get for $5.00?”  Wait…. What?  Read On!

How much SEO you get for $500 may depend on where you are, what kind you want, and who made it.  Right?  I mean, if you are good with Generic Vanilla, you can get a gallon for less than $5.00 at a local grocery store.  But if you happen to be at Disneyland, then you would be lucky to get a single scoop!  And a pint of Ben and Jerry’s might set you back even more than $5.  Can you see where I am going with this?

Buying SEO is a lot like buying ice cream.  Where you are, who is selling it, and what kind of SEO you want will make a big difference!  While SEO is not all plain vanilla, I can prove to you that the basics work in this case, and you don’t need no “chunky monkey” brand name to get a sweet taste in your bank account!

I rank people on page one at Google all the time.  Because our overhead is low, we provide an amazing 10-hour review and  implementation spaced out over a few days, a week, or a month, or longer – for only $500.   But a big “Disneyland” agency might only give you a quick “needs analysis”, a rank report, and a list of proposed keywords.  In other words, one scoop instead of a gallon!

Where this comparison to ice cream falls apart is that our SEO work is not plain Vanilla.  Even if we do follow a basic recipe, as you would if making ice cream, we hand craft every project.

We don’t sell Cookie Cutter SEO plans.  Every client starts at a different place, and has different needs and goals.  So everything we do is custom… More like Ben and Jerry’s with custom toppings for the price of plain vanilla!  Take a look at results accomplished in a global market shown below as done for one of our clients.

Google SEO Page Rank


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