What is More Important, SEO, Website Design, Website Content, or Marketing Strategy ?

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What is More Important, SEO, Website Design, Website Content, or Marketing Strategy ?

Q:   What is More Important, SEO, Website Design, Website Content, or Marketing Strategy ?

A:   “That Depends…”

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It would be important to remember why you have a website in the first place.  You want more people to know about your business… right?

Not only do you want them to know about the business, but you want them to become customers.  So… how do you use the Internet to do that?  Lead generation depends on:

  • SEO rank, social and inbound marketing, PPC ads, or all of these
  • PLUS attractive design and content to create engagement based on a strategy of appealing to your most likely prospect
  • PLUS effective calls to action – to create conversion

Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA)

The formula for gaining a lead and converting them to a customer is “A.I.D.A.” or Attention, Interest, Desire & Action.  SEO, Design, Content, and Calls to Action have to all work together as a strategic whole in order to obtain site traffic and convert that traffic to contacts or customers.

SEO addresses the “Attention” part.  You have to get people’s attention by being found online.  Once you have traffic, you want to convert those visitors to leads and then customers.

Design and Content address the “Interest” part.  First, let me say that good design is to a website like a good suit is to a businessperson.  The same person makes a very different impression depending on whether they are wearing a sharp-looking business suit or in rumpled ‘casual’ attire.  You already know that somebody who has ‘dressed for success’ will close more sales in most settings!  So, right now, if your site is out of date then that may explain why it isn’t generating enough business.

Fanning the flames of “Desire” means making value propositions that solve prospects’ problems.  Branding, messaging, and promotion lead to Calls to “Action” (CTA).  The CTA provides an easy ways for website visitors to take the next step toward subscription, registration, communication, or purchase.

Why You Don’t Need a Web Designer!

A great website is more than a pretty picture.  To get the results you want from your website, everything has to work together.   Many Web Designers can make a great-looking website.  But not every good-looking website creates business.   An experienced marketing consultant can help you connect all the dots with a marketing strategy that works together with graphics, web design, web development, and SEO resulting in lead generation and sales.

What’s The Bottom Line?

The truth is that lead generation depends on SEO rank plus attractive design and content to create engagement, plus effective calls to action to create conversion.  Everything has to work together.


  • Without site traffic you have nothing to work with. So start your planning here.  How will you generate site traffic?
  • Traffic depends on either organic search rank (SEO and SERP), or paid ad placement (PPC), or referral from other marketing
  • Good technical SEO, on page SEO and off page SEO work together to move somebody up the search ranks, but these take time
  • If a site already ranks for some searches, it is easier to rank them for related keywords
  • Sometimes it is good to target competing niches instead of just your own niche.
  • This means getting ranked as a substitute for competing brands or competing goods (there is a right way and a wrong way!).


  • Search rank creates opportunities to generate traffic, so she has a great start.
  • Design is one of the most crucial issues for engagement because it can make a statement that fans the flames of interest into a stronger desire
  • Design provided a context for first impressions, like when a professional “dresses for success”
  • Just as the same person in different attire can make a completely different impression, the same site with a different design can generate more leads.
  • Discriminating customers willing to pay for something more than ordinary are especially influenced by good design
  • Along with design, the words and images need to promise something that the visitor wants
  • Words and images must make visitors want what they want – even more than when they started – enough to stop searching and start engaging in a conversation


  • Calls To Action (CTA’s) invite a website visitor to become a lead
  • Site visitors are more or less invisible to the site owner until they see a reason to ‘raise their hand’ and become visible
  • CTA’s are invitations to connect, ask questions, learn more, get a free report, sign up for a video chat, schedule a tour, receive a newsletter, etc.
  • Once a lead is generated, the site owner can communicate with an interested person
  • Once the lead is qualified, the site owner now has a chance to convert the prospect or customer
  • For leads that do not convert at first, a “keeping in touch” or newsletter email campaign can gradually move the leads to become customers


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