Month: April 2017

Organic SEO Search Engine Optimization / Local Search Marketing Service That Work!

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MARKETING COMMUNICATION & BRAIN SCIENCE: The Secret To Getting Audience Attention

MESSAGE CRAFTING FOR ATTENTION: How Marketers Get Prospects To Think & TAKE ACTION!    Science tells us that EVERY HEALTHY BRAIN has a biological gatekeeper called a Reticular Activating System, (RAS) to help it be alert to danger or opportunity while otherwise staying focused on the task at hand. As the Gatekeeper of Conscious Attention, the RAS…
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How Can A Web Video Tell A Complete Marketing Story in 30 Seconds?

Can Your Web Site Tell A Complete Marketing Story With a 30 Second Video? I Just Made This For Some Great Clients.  I Think It Does The Job, Don’t You?

Technology Meetup in Toledo

TNewTechMeetup To Host Erie Hack Competition Warmup Come check out the Erie Hack Semi-finalists before they present at Erie Hack Detroit! Presenters will take the stage for 10 minutes each, 5 minutes to demo and 5  minutes to answer questions, followed by open announcements and community networking. E-mail organizers at if you’d like to…
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