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Should Businesses Stand Tall or Hunker Down In the Age of Covid-19?

Should Businesses Like Yours Stand Taller or Hunker Down In the Age of Covid-19? Maybe it’s time to stand taller online?  Or maybe it’s time to hunker down? Business is taking place even if the market might “look” like a ghost town in traditional terms…  Is it time to boost your website visibility with some…
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How A Google Ads Campaign WORKED For Lead Generation For A Real Estate Agent Team

Do Google Ads Work For Realtors or Real Estate Teams? Earlier this year, a leading Toledo Real Estate Team wanted to enter a new market area. A Google Ads campaign was created and managed around SEO research and buyer interests generated traffic and leads. We started in March and ended in August. Every month got…
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Monthly Programs For Continual Improvement

Monthly Programs For Continual Improvement: Many of my clients follow a strategy I teach, with a steady investment in a Web of Web’s using legitimate Doorway Sites to improve organic SEO rank or reduce PPC cost, or both, for all web presence efforts. Doorway sites are simple at first, because they are done on a…
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How do Website Design, SEO, and PPC All Work Together?

How do Website Design, SEO, and PPC All Work Together? Unless you want to waste a lot of time and money, a website design project should never start with design.  It should start with opportunity analysis, meaning keyword research to determine what people who could become site visitors or customers are actually searching for.  What is their…
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