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Nearly A Million WordPress Sites Targeted in Attacks Since May 3rd

Important News Breaking For WordPress Site Owners: WordFence Threat Intelligence Team has been tracking a sudden and dramatic uptick in attacks targeting plugin and theme vulnerabilities. The campaign began on April 28, 2020 and increased to target nearly one million WordPress sites. Due to the sheer volume and variety of attacks and sites that we…
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Questions About Managing and Training Freelancers or Employees?

What’s the Best Way to Manage and Train Freelancers or Employees? Hint:  Start With A Deep Dive on Why Your Company Exists! Somebody recently asked me for advice for a startup regarding freelancer and employee training and management. I took a look at their company page and it appeared to me that they specialized in…
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Should Businesses Stand Tall or Hunker Down In the Age of Covid-19?

Should Businesses Like Yours Stand Taller or Hunker Down In the Age of Covid-19? Maybe it’s time to stand taller online?  Or maybe it’s time to hunker down? Business is taking place even if the market might “look” like a ghost town in traditional terms…  Is it time to boost your website visibility with some…
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How Can You Educate Potential Customers About Your Product?

I Fielded a Marketing Question on Another Forum Recently.   You may not be selling anything related to the product in question, but my answer applies to all businesses.  Read on! Q. )  “How Can I Educate Potential Customers To Buy My Antimicrobial Copper?   “The product is an Antimicrobial Copper coating that can be applied…
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Can Your WordPress Website Provider Rank Themselves #1 on Google, Yahoo, and Bing… All at the same time!

Can Your WordPress Website Provider Rank Themselves At Top on Google, Yahoo, and Bing… All at the Same Time! This website, my own website for my digital marketing services, for my company BIG Marketing Solutions LLC  is currently ranking #1 – 3 on Google, Bing, and Yahoo for keywords like toledo wordpress website design. Can…
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SEO Rank and Directory Site Listings: Be Careful!

Adding your website to legitimate industry directory sites is a good move to create inbound links from sites with ‘related’ content. This alone won’t push your site down, and in fact will raise the volume of your ranking signals to Google. If the squeaky wheel gets the oil, then go ahead and make some noise!…
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Monthly Programs For Continual Improvement

Monthly Programs For Continual Improvement: Many of my clients follow a strategy I teach, with a steady investment in a Web of Web’s using legitimate Doorway Sites to improve organic SEO rank or reduce PPC cost, or both, for all web presence efforts. Doorway sites are simple at first, because they are done on a…
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Outdated Websites Cost More Than You Think!

Outdated Websites Cost More Than You Think Today’s Digital Consumers Expect To Do Business With Companies That Are Current. When They See A Site With Outdated Design, They Click Off. Don’t Let This Be Your Website. A New Website Might Cost Less Than The Sales You Are Losing To An Outdated Website Design.  I Can Help You…
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What’s the Biggest Challenge To Getting Your Website Ranked on Google?

What’s the Biggest Challenge To Getting Your Website Ranked on Search Engines Like Google? Keyword selection is the biggest challenge to getting your website to rank on Google searches. Search engine optimization includes On-Page and Off-Page SEO techniques so you want to use the right keywords in both cases. When people use a search engine,…
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