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Questions About Managing and Training Freelancers or Employees?

What’s the Best Way to Manage and Train Freelancers or Employees? Hint:  Start With A Deep Dive on Why Your Company Exists! Somebody recently asked me for advice for a startup regarding freelancer and employee training and management. I took a look at their company page and it appeared to me that they specialized in…
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Outdated Websites Cost More Than You Think!

Outdated Websites Cost More Than You Think Today’s Digital Consumers Expect To Do Business With Companies That Are Current. When They See A Site With Outdated Design, They Click Off. Don’t Let This Be Your Website. A New Website Might Cost Less Than The Sales You Are Losing To An Outdated Website Design.  I Can Help You…
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Trends in Social Media Marketing: Entrepreneur Magazine Article Review:

Trends in Social Media Marketing:  Entrepreneur Magazine Article Review: Article Review By BIG Marketing Solutions: Trends in marketing are very much in the news these days, especially the growth of Social Media Marketing. To explain the phenomenon, Entrepreneur Magazine published “10 Tips For Millennial Marketing” an article on February 9, 2017 sharing that there may…
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“Here, I Made This For You.” Reflections on the Human Component in Business

With credit to Seth Godin and Seth Godin’s blog today prompted some thought.  What is the value of knowing that somebody made the thing?  Or the value of knowing the somebody who made the thing.  Or the value of knowing something was made for you.  Or the value of knowing a thing was made only…
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