“Here, I Made This For You.” Reflections on the Human Component in Business

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“Here, I Made This For You.” Reflections on the Human Component in Business

icn-seths-headWith credit to Seth Godin and http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2016/10/here-i-made-this.html

Seth Godin’s blog today prompted some thought.  What is the value of knowing that somebody made the thing?  Or the value of knowing the somebody who made the thing.  Or the value of knowing something was made for you.  Or the value of knowing a thing was made only for you?

Here is what Seth Gave us:

“Here, I made this”

“I” as in me, you, us, the person who’s on the line. This is the work of a human. The audience can make a direct connection between you and the thing you’re offering.

“Made” because it took effort, originality and skill.

“This” is not a wishy-washy concept. It’s concrete and finite. It didn’t used to exist, and now it does.

and, “Here,” because the idea is a gift, a connection transferred from person to person.

These four words carry generosity, intent, risk and intimacy with them.

The more we say them, and mean them, and deliver on them, the more art and connection we create.

This is good stuff!  Seth often says complicated things simply.  This article sums up our Client Service Philosophy.  We don’t do cookie cutter marketing collateral or website work.  If we build something for you, from a brand to a market position to a demand generating message, it will be “made for you” and your unique opportunities and goals!  If you approach business from the perspective where these things matter, buying local, knowing the person you are dealing with, and knowing you are getting custom work tailored to you specific needs… then maybe we should work together!

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