Month: February 2019

Organic SEO Search Engine Optimization / Local Search Marketing Service That Work!

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What Kind of Images Are Best For Your Website?

What Kind of Images Are Best For Your Website? Images for your website don’t have to be perfect.  First, they have to be the RIGHT images.  Then we make them look good! As an experienced Photoshop expert, in addition to being a webmaster, I can brighten, straighten, paint things out, etc to improve a useful…
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SEO Rank and Directory Site Listings: Be Careful!

Adding your website to legitimate industry directory sites is a good move to create inbound links from sites with ‘related’ content. This alone won’t push your site down, and in fact will raise the volume of your ranking signals to Google. If the squeaky wheel gets the oil, then go ahead and make some noise!…
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Monthly Programs For Continual Improvement

Monthly Programs For Continual Improvement: Many of my clients follow a strategy I teach, with a steady investment in a Web of Web’s using legitimate Doorway Sites to improve organic SEO rank or reduce PPC cost, or both, for all web presence efforts. Doorway sites are simple at first, because they are done on a…
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Good SEO Work Leads To More SPAM? What You Can Do About It!

Good SEO Work means your site can be found online by spammers.  So, as you climb the search ranks, you will get more spam, as sure as One plus One Equals Two.  A Client received the following email (NAMES AND NUMBERS CHANGED because reporting them to anybody won’t help but alerting you to their tactics will…
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