What Kind of Images Are Best For Your Website?

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What Kind of Images Are Best For Your Website?

What Kind of Images Are Best For Your Website?

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Images for your website don’t have to be perfect.  First, they have to be the RIGHT images.  Then we make them look good!

As an experienced Photoshop expert, in addition to being a webmaster, I can brighten, straighten, paint things out, etc to improve a useful image.  Most of us can do this 🙂  But selecting the RIGHT image… That is an art that many fall short on.

“Useful’ as used in this context refers mostly to any emotional power the image has than to any artistic or decorative value. We want people to ‘bond’ with the website, and your company because your words AND your images show that your company understands something that is on the prospect’s mind.

Images can prove you know what brought them there, in a split second, before they read a word!

Images can remind them that it is a problem in their life, and trigger emotions of pain around continuing to do nothing.

Images can trigger the thought of pleasure about solving a problem by showing how we did it for others.

Showing how we solved similar problems for others also actually triggers a little jealousy, which is great because jealously is a close cousin of desire.  And if we can make them want what somebody else got, then they are more likely to call, click, or otherwise become a customer.

All of these issues surrounding images can be used to improve likelihood of getting a visitor to respond or request a quote!

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