Month: May 2020

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What is Web Development and Why Is There a Contract?

What is Web Development and What Does a Web Developer Do?  A web developer, also referred to as a programmer, works with clients to create designs and work primarily on the client’s website development. A web developer is usually an independent contractor or freelance web designer hired by a business to complete their website and…
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What is the Difference Between Marketing and Marketing Communication

Marketing is about Consumer Needs, Not About Your Company Marketing is a discipline that should inform EVERYTHING in the organization, top down. A common definition of Marketing includes the need to address the 4 P’s of Product, Price, Place, Promotion. Some current approaches add a 5th P, which is People. Marketing activities are based on…
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Nearly A Million WordPress Sites Targeted in Attacks Since May 3rd

Important News Breaking For WordPress Site Owners: WordFence Threat Intelligence Team has been tracking a sudden and dramatic uptick in attacks targeting plugin and theme vulnerabilities. The campaign began on April 28, 2020 and increased to target nearly one million WordPress sites. Due to the sheer volume and variety of attacks and sites that we…
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What is “Marketing”? Hint: It’s NOT SALES!

What is Marketing?  Is It More than Selling? Hint:  Start With A Deep Dive on Why Your Company Exists! Loading… Somebody on LinkedIn recently asked me for advice for a startup.  I took a look at their company page and it appeared to me that they specialized in sales, although the word “marketing” comes up…
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