Month: April 2020

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Questions About Managing and Training Freelancers or Employees?

What’s the Best Way to Manage and Train Freelancers or Employees? Hint:  Start With A Deep Dive on Why Your Company Exists! Somebody recently asked me for advice for a startup regarding freelancer and employee training and management. I took a look at their company page and it appeared to me that they specialized in…
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How long before I start seeing results from my SEO effort?

Neil Patel, a thought leader in the SEO space, said it so well, in a recent video, that I am posting the transcript for the benefit of my SEO clients. Source: How Long Does SEO Take to Work For a New Website? “This is by far my most frequently asked question that I get,…
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SEO for Toledo: How “Long Tail Keywords” Get You Ranked on Top at Google

SEO for Toledo: How “Long Tail Keywords” Get You Ranked on Top at Google.   According to Search Engine Guide:  “Amazon makes 57% of their sales from long-tail keywords.” Let that sink in for a minute….. Also, according to Niel Patel, an acknowledged leader in the SEO space (and expensive services too!), “…long-tail variations, especially…
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