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SEO or Local Search Marketing for Small Business

I will work with you to provide search engine optimization customized to your business, market, and goals.

Talk To a Real, American, Small Business Owner

The person you speak to & the one who does your SEO work are one and the same.  No middlemen, No salesmen.  No pressure. No pitch decks.  No long term contracts.   No ‘gotcha’s!

Review Business Goals in Discovery Call

The SEO work to be done depends on your present website rank, traffic, and goals. During a free Discovery Call consult, I will learn about your company & be able to make recommendations. 

Determine the Best SEO Keywords for Your Goals

The best keywords are the ones people are typing into search engines like Google to find companies, products, or services like yours.  In depth research will be done to include search volume studies, competitive analysis, and opportunity identification.  

On Page SEO Implementation of Keywords

Selected keywords will be added to the website in both visible page content like the words and images, and invisible meta tags, image tags, description tags, snippet tags to give search engines the EXACT words to display when your site is shown.  

Configure SEO Keyword Ranking Tools & Report

Setup / configure / update Google Analytics, Search Console, and several other third party rank tracking and traffic monitoring services that will provide independent monthly reports of improved search rank, web traffic & visitor behavior.

Off Page SEO and Continual Improvement

Setup / configure / update “Anchor Text” and “Inbound Links” to your website from business profiles, relevant directories, review sites, blogs, and other websites with content related to yours.  These off site links will magnify the result of on-page seo.   

What I Don’t Do When it Comes to SEO

I don’t outsource to other countries. I don’t assign your work to barely trained junior staffers.

I don’t sell long term packages to trap you. I don’t stuff you in a supposedly ‘industry specific’ program.

I don’t plug a few words into a keyword suggestion tool or rank app and hope it gets it right.

Next Steps for SEO Service or Local Search Marketing

With the Internet reaching every part of our daily life, more and more potential customers are searching online for products and services.  Your website may provide the best solution for somebody searching right now.
But they won’t know that if they cannot find you when they type their search into Google!  I can help you with that!

Request FREE Site Audit
and FREE Discover Call Consult for Baseline Study and Report of Present Search Rank, Keyword Rank & Competitive Analysis.
I Will Be In Touch Promptly.
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Hire Us For Keyword Research
On Page SEO Work 
Website Update with
Keyword Rich Content
Edit Meta Tags, Page Titles,
Page Snippets, Headlines
& Calls To Action.
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Off Page SEO Work to Create 
Social and Business Profiles
With Inbound Links from
Related Websites,
Directories &
Review Sites.
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What Can You Expect from SEO Work

Expect More Traffic, More Qualified Visitors, More Leads and More Sales

How Long Will SEO Take To Work

Results May Be Seen as Soon as One Week, But It Can Take Months or Years.

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With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.



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