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How Long Does it Take to Rank On Google Search Results Page?

People often ask me, “How long does it take to rank on page one at Google?” The answer is, you can rank on page one of Google Search Engine Results Pages in less than a month. But this leads to better questions: Rank for what?  Why rank at all?  Rank for who?  What is page…
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What is Better for Promotion: Google Ads, Social Media Campaigns, or SEO

How To Choose Between Google Ads, Social Media Campaigns, or SEO? Google Ads can be expensive unless you know what you are doing and have a highly targeted niche value proposition. Otherwise, you end up bidding against industry giants – and losing. Social Media posts are profoundly helpful if keywords and links are used wisely without sounding…
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What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is a Digital Marketing Skill Abbreviated as “SEO.” Search Engines mean Google.  They own over 90% of all search volume so… until you have a 90% market share you don’t have to concern yourself much with how Bing (2.5% share) or Yahoo (1.5% share) do things. The skill or practice of SEO…
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What is More Important, SEO, Website Design, Website Content, or Marketing Strategy ?

Q:   What is More Important, SEO, Website Design, Website Content, or Marketing Strategy ? A:   “That Depends…” It would be important to remember why you have a website in the first place.  You want more people to know about your business… right? Not only do you want them to know about the business, but you…
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Organic Search Engine Optimization And You!

Notes About SEO Service Worth Sharing: adapted for a wider audience from an email I sent to a prospective client this week. SEARCH ENGINES ARE WHERE YOU AND YOUR AUDIENCE MEET Can your prospects find you when using search engines? If not, then a lot of business is getting away!  Organic on-page Search Engine Optimization…
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Local Search Marketing: How To Dominate Your Market Area!

Want To Dominate Local Search Marketing With Organic SEO? An SEO Company that offers Organic SEO & Local Search Marketing should able to “OWN” Google page one search results! We do that for our own local search marketing, and have the proof to show! The point being, if we can do it for ourselves, we…
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Google Search Engine #1 Rank Results

How To Get Google Search Engine #1 Rank You don’t get google page one #1 search engine rank placement by accident.  You might need a little magic, and you are going to need a professional. Kindly consider, If we can do it for ourselves, we can do it for you!  Take a look at how many…
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The Toledo SEO Wizard does it again! Content strategy, on page SEO, meta tags, Google Analytics and Google Search Console integration, sitemap submissions, professional home page re-write, website update / redesign. A Real Estate Client Moved Up from Search Result Rank #100 to Search Result Rank #5 in One Week For a Highly Competitive Keyword Phrase,…
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Local Search Marketing Organic SEO RANK UP 97 Places In Only 3 Days!

Local Search Marketing Rank UP 97 PLACES… in Only 3 DAYS! The TOLEDO SEO WIZARD tm Does It Again!  Search Engine Rank Moved from Google Page 10 #100 to Google Page 1 #4 on a newly re-designed  web site in only three days for the search term Organic Search Engine Optimization Toledo. Do You Want…
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Organic SEO Toledo

Toledo SEO Wizard:  Earned Six Of Top Ten Google Page One Search Engine Results Today! The Toledo SEO Wizard Strikes Again! As of today we just placed and 6 times in top ten, Google Page One Search Engine Results Page (SERP) For  Search Phrase “Toledo SEO” Check It Out!  See That’s Money In…
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