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Will SEO Strategies Involving Keyword Repetition Hurt Your Search Engine Rank?

A reader on Quora asked the following question: Why does Google penalize excessive uses of the same keyword/terminology on the same webpage?  I answered as follows: NO! NO! NO! REPETITION is NOT the same as DENSITY!   Using Keywords OFTEN and CORRECTLY is still a winning strategy. Every page should have a reason to…
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What is More Important, SEO, Website Design, Website Content, or Marketing Strategy ?

Q:   What is More Important, SEO, Website Design, Website Content, or Marketing Strategy ? A:   “That Depends…” It would be important to remember why you have a website in the first place.  You want more people to know about your business… right? Not only do you want them to know about the business, but you…
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What is the Difference Between Marketing and Marketing Communication

Marketing is about Consumer Needs, Not About Your Company Marketing is a discipline that should inform EVERYTHING in the organization, top down. A common definition of Marketing includes the need to address the 4 P’s of Product, Price, Place, Promotion. Some current approaches add a 5th P, which is People. Marketing activities are based on…
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What is “Marketing”? Hint: It’s NOT SALES!

What is Marketing?  Is It More than Selling? Hint:  Start With A Deep Dive on Why Your Company Exists! Loading… Somebody on LinkedIn recently asked me for advice for a startup.  I took a look at their company page and it appeared to me that they specialized in sales, although the word “marketing” comes up…
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How long before I start seeing results from my SEO effort?

Neil Patel, a thought leader in the SEO space, said it so well, in a recent video, that I am posting the transcript for the benefit of my SEO clients. Source: How Long Does SEO Take to Work For a New Website? “This is by far my most frequently asked question that I get,…
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SEO for Toledo: How “Long Tail Keywords” Get You Ranked on Top at Google

SEO for Toledo: How “Long Tail Keywords” Get You Ranked on Top at Google.   According to Search Engine Guide:  “Amazon makes 57% of their sales from long-tail keywords.” Let that sink in for a minute….. Also, according to Niel Patel, an acknowledged leader in the SEO space (and expensive services too!), “…long-tail variations, especially…
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Should Businesses Stand Tall or Hunker Down In the Age of Covid-19?

Should Businesses Like Yours Stand Taller or Hunker Down In the Age of Covid-19? Maybe it’s time to stand taller online?  Or maybe it’s time to hunker down? Business is taking place even if the market might “look” like a ghost town in traditional terms…  Is it time to boost your website visibility with some…
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Coronavirus Hit Your Business? If Customers Stay Home ~ Help Them Order Online!

Affordable eCommerce Website Design for Greater Toledo Area and the World! I provide eCommerce website Design that works! Deal directly with a small business owner like yourself. No salespeople, no committees, no ridiculous hourly rates. My low overhead allows great eCommerce Website Design work at less than half what others charge.

How Long Does It Take To Build a Website?

Can You Do It Yourself for Website Design?  How Long Does It Take? Whether you want to try building your own website, or want professional help, the information below will give you some idea of the work involved.  Honestly, unless your needs are simple, and/or you have design and writing experience, you would probably be better…
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Welcoming New Real Estate Website Design / SEO Client From Toledo

Pleased To Welcome Kerber Realty as New Toledo Real Estate Website Design & SEO Client