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Organic SEO Search Engine Optimization / Local Search Marketing Service That Work!

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Should Businesses Stand Tall or Hunker Down In the Age of Covid-19?

Should Businesses Like Yours Stand Taller or Hunker Down In the Age of Covid-19? Maybe it’s time to stand taller online?  Or maybe it’s time to hunker down? Business is taking place even if the market might “look” like a ghost town in traditional terms…  Is it time to boost your website visibility with some…
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How Can You Educate Potential Customers About Your Product?

I Fielded a Marketing Question on Another Forum Recently.   You may not be selling anything related to the product in question, but my answer applies to all businesses.  Read on! Q. )  “How Can I Educate Potential Customers To Buy My Antimicrobial Copper?   “The product is an Antimicrobial Copper coating that can be applied…
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Welcoming New Non Profit Website Design Clients From Toledo

BIG Marketing Solutions Welcomes NAMI Toledo & CasaKids As Clients.

HOW are SEO and SEM Services Billed?

SEO Services are Usually Billed Based on Some Concept of an Hourly Rate. The actual rate depends on the professional development of the provider, and how much good they can do for a client.  Some agencies quote it as per keyword, and or per web page or per blog article optimized. But in the back…
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How Much SEO Can You Get For $500?

“How Much SEO Can You Get For $500?” That’s a Good Question! The Answer is:  “How much ice cream can you get for $5.00?”  Wait…. What?  Read On! How much SEO you get for $500 may depend on where you are, what kind you want, and who made it.  Right?  I mean, if you are good with Generic Vanilla,…
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Graph of SEO Metrics That Count: How Search Engine Placement Gets Clicks & Web Site Traffic

Get The SEO Metrics That Count! Being Seen On Google Page One With Effective Search Engine Placement Gets Clicks & Web Site Traffic! If your web site is not on Page One at Google, you might as well be invisible. 70% of searchers never look past page one of search results. Being there is 70%…
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MARKETING COMMUNICATION & BRAIN SCIENCE: The Secret To Getting Audience Attention

MESSAGE CRAFTING FOR ATTENTION: How Marketers Get Prospects To Think & TAKE ACTION!    Science tells us that EVERY HEALTHY BRAIN has a biological gatekeeper called a Reticular Activating System, (RAS) to help it be alert to danger or opportunity while otherwise staying focused on the task at hand. As the Gatekeeper of Conscious Attention, the RAS…
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Toledo SEO Wizard Offers Google Page One Rank Slideshow

Toledo SEO Wizard Presentation: How To Get On Google Page One Search Results

Toledo SEO Wizard Offers Free Presentation: “Getting Page One Search Engine Results” with SlideShare Presentation. Getting Page One Search Engine Results from Lonn Dugan, The Toledo SEO Wizard

Local Search Marketing Organic SEO RANK UP 97 Places In Only 3 Days!

Local Search Marketing Rank UP 97 PLACES… in Only 3 DAYS! The TOLEDO SEO WIZARD tm Does It Again!  Search Engine Rank Moved from Google Page 10 #100 to Google Page 1 #4 on a newly re-designed  web site in only three days for the search term Organic Search Engine Optimization Toledo. Do You Want…
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What Does Search Engine Optimization Tracking Toledo Do For You?

What does Organic Search Engine Optimization Tracking Do For You? Organic Search Engine Optimization Tracking and Ranking Software helps website owners understand what is working, and what needs work to improve website traffic from search engines for organic (unpaid) keywords. The chart below shows one month of tracking SEO Search Engine Results Page movement for…
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