Month: May 2017

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Incredible Freemium Digital Photography Lesson Site with Social Components Ready To Launch!

A client site offering Freemium digital photography membership and an upgrade path to paid video-based photography lessons is ready for soft launch! We are very proud to announce that is ready for soft launch to fans of digital photography as well as those at any proficiency level from beginner to professional who would like…
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Graph of SEO Metrics That Count: How Search Engine Placement Gets Clicks & Web Site Traffic

Get The SEO Metrics That Count! Being Seen On Google Page One With Effective Search Engine Placement Gets Clicks & Web Site Traffic! If your web site is not on Page One at Google, you might as well be invisible. 70% of searchers never look past page one of search results. Being there is 70%…
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Help Me Support Non-Profit #Great #Lakes #Climate #Change #Action Corp?

Climate Change is Real. The Great Lakes is a sensitive ecosystem, especially in the Western Basin of Lake Erie, which supports the most important fishery in the Great Lakes Region! We need to protect our drinking water, the economies that depend on the Great Lakes, and the entire environmental ecosystem involved!  

The 7 Marketing Styles or Personas: Does Your Team Have Them All Covered?

The 7 Marketing Styles or Personas:  Does Your Team Have Them All Covered? Commentary and Excerpt Re Article in CMO Magazine:  “No Marketer Is An Island: Meet The 7 Personas Of The Modern CMO“ Marketing as a discipline these days calls for a broad range of personal styles, temperaments, or personas.  Any CEO, Founder, Small Business Owner,…
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