Are You Asking The Right Questions To Turn Leads Into Customers?

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Are You Asking The Right Questions To Turn Leads Into Customers?

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Are You Asking The Right Questions To Turn Leads Into Customers?

In the book “The Innovators DNA”, authors Jeffy Dyer, Hal Gregersen and Clayton M. Christensen discuss four types of effective questions. Let’s say you’ve recently noticed fewer leads coming in through your webpage where customers can request a quote.  Look at the difference between the types of questions below in helping you formulate solutions.

1. “What is?” questions: This style of questioning can help you narrow your focus and direct your thinking.

Example: What is most important to prospects and clients when filling out an online form to receive a quote?

2. “What caused?” questions: Questions like these are useful in helping you gain insights into why things are the way they are.

Example: What’s causing more of our prospects to call our office to receive a quote rather than use our online process?


3. “Why?” and “Why not?” questions: This form of questioning can help broaden your perspective and lead to new innovative ideas that you hadn’t previously considered.

Example: Why is it important for prospects to see positive testimonials of past customers when requesting a quote online? If we don’t currently have any testimonials or other forms of social proof on our website, why not?


4. “What if?” questions: These types of questions are highly effective because they can be used to both create and remove constraints around solving a problem. They can also help you think in less literal terms as you consider hypotheticals that could be transformed into realistic courses of action.

Example: What if prospects could use a mobile app to request a quote?

Example: What if we could only ask customers for three pieces of information when requesting a quote online? What information would we require?

Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel

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