Can You Do Your Own SEO Work?

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Can You Do Your Own SEO Work?

Yes, You Can
Do Your Own SEO Work. 

Learning “HOW” to do SEO work isn’t all that hard if you can wade through the misinformation – much of it put out by Search Engines themselves in an effort to keep people from gaming the system.   When it comes to SEO, the basics are actually fairly simple. But actually doing it right is much more difficult.

SEO concepts are really pretty simple.  In spite of all the talk about Algorithm updates and such, there really isn’t that much new under the sun. Old-School works!

You can learn ABOUT SEO pretty quickly and easily. There are literally thousands of posts and blogs and articles about SEO. Implementing keywords in domain name, title, description, alt tags, and the first few sentences on a page (That’s the Old-School part) will take you far.

The biggest challenge in SEO is choosing the right keywords. Once you have selected the right keywords and implemented them reasonably well, then you can expect good results.

BUT… which keywords are the best? The best keywords to use are the natural type-in search phrases related to your website or business that get searched the most. Page One Google Rank for the most searched keywords is a coveted spot, but also highly competitive. So it may be better to focus on keywords with decent search traffic but not the top ones in your business (long tail keywords).

People are not searching for your company name, and they generally don’t search using industry-specific terms. A lot of companies make this honest mistake of using industry-related terms as keywords.

For instance, an SEO client of mine does HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) repair and installation. But people don’t search for HVAC Repair or HVAC Installation.  They don’t search for HVAC Contractors either – unless they want to spam Furnace and Air Conditioning Repair companies. See what I mean?

Furnace Repair is a good keyword phrase for him.  But it is highly competitive so ranking for this search term is harder than many others that could produce leads and sales.  Heating Repair turns out to be a strong volume search term that doesn’t get as much competition. So that one would be a great choice that is almost in the long tail category.

For long tail keywords, I recommend he consider Emergency Furnace Repair, 24 Hour Furnace Repair, Twenty Four Hour Furnace Repair.  “Furnace Repair Nights And Weekends” could be money! Again, simple but still not not easy…. Actual implementation includes the use of many SEO TRADE SECRETS that cannot be learned nor even taught in a short time.

So my advice is to hire an SEO Pro, (raising my hand).

You could save hundreds or thousands of hours and spend that time doing what you do that brings in the most money to your business 🙂

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