Lessons from Yahoo: Incremental Change Doesn’t Work

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Lessons from Yahoo: Incremental Change Doesn’t Work

Digital MarketingMarket Leadership Myths:

In the “olden days”, companies and corporations were urged to move slowly when they made changes.  After all, it takes a long time to turn a big ship, right?  Change is difficult, right?  A leader who moved too fast could end up too far ahead of the organization and end up losing engagement with followers, right?

Market Leadership Truth

In the digital age, many of these sayings are no longer true. In fact, there is a new term in use these days that predicts success based on how ‘disruptive’ a company or technology is.  Some companies today still attempt to inflict tight control on the behavior of the rank and file.  They want to make sure the company does not move too fast.  This rarely produces market leadership.   Lessons from Yahoo indicate that slow won’t grow.

This article was inspired by Russell Raath and his great article posted on LinkedIn today…

“If you’re trying to build yourself… to a marquee internet brand, you need to make bold plays, smart investment decisions, and follow through with exceptional execution.” read more > https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/yahoo-incremental-change-doesnt-work-russell-raath 

Market Leadership Action Steps

Why not loosen up, speed things up, reward marketing managers for bold initiative, and reap the reward of having a fully actualized workforce?

Where to start?  A good SWOT analysis can act as a pin on a map to illustrate where you are now.  Good goals illustrate where you want to be in the future.  Clarify vision, produce strategic plans, pay attention to branding and messaging.  Then….. if it is not working… REPLACE YOUR WEBSITE with something that propels you toward your goals.  Every sale starts with a lead.

The single greatest lead generating asset a modern business can have is a functional and engaging web site with SEO efforts that produce top rank in search engines.  Perhaps a proper PPC campaign will show good ROI as well.  If you want to lead your market, you cannot just put a toe in the water and update your web site in small steps.  Jump in!  Make a splash! Make some noise!  Get really wet! “The bold shall inherit the digital world (Charles Brite, 2015).”

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