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Want A Website Designed FAST, One You Can Manage Yourself, But Need A Little Help To Get Started?

Creating a Website from the beginning can be a little tricky.  There are a lot of moving parts to domain registration, hosting setup, control panel and email configuration, theme and plugin selection.  It could take tens or hundreds of hours to do it on your own.

But if you let me help, by getting it started on a budget and providing login access so you can add to it, then you could have a truly great site design and solid SEO work to tweak as you want – in only a few days.

Start Your Website FAST ~ For As Little As $500

For as little as $500 I can get you started with a domain, a year of hosting, a nice site design, some content to start with, even nice images or photography, along with login credentials to go in and edit the site, add images, video, pages, content, and blog posts as often as you want.

One example can be seen at where I created a website for a professional painting contractor in less than 3 days, including on site photography of homes and businesses painted recently.  The site owner called me on Monday, had a website by Tuesday, and Professional Photography was performed and added on Wednesday. The site owner will take more photos on his own that can be added to the website and image galleries.

Screen Shots Below Show What You Can Expect Even On A Budget:


Toledo Website Design With Photography In Less than 3 Days!

Toledo Website Design With Photography In Less than 3 Days!


Toledo Website Design and Photography in 3 Days!

Toledo Website Design and Photography in 3 Days!



Toledo Website Design, Toledo Digital Photography

Toledo Website Design


A most recent example of fast launch can be found at where I created a skeleton site with bilingual option for french or english audiences in less than 24 hours!  It’s not a lot to look at yet, but think about this…   The site was requested Wednesday May 24th and created the same day!  The site owner will add the content soon to support elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa… It is bare bones at the moment but ready and waiting for the owner to start building it out.  Take a look and you can see what a nice start can be had at an affordable price!

For my part, I confess that it is humbling to realize the power of the Internet and apply it when a client asks me to help them grow their business or do good in the world like this!

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars & wait weeks or months for a nice website!

Toledo Website Designer

If you want a nice looking, affordable, highly functional, lead generating website fast, one that you can manage on your own once it is started…  I can help you with that!
Let’s do this! Launch In Less Than One Week!  Call Today, 419-764-9649




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