Good SEO Work Starts With Choosing The Right Keywords

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Good SEO Work Starts With Choosing The Right Keywords

Search Engine Optimization Toledo, Local Search Marketing Toledo, Online Marketing Toledo, Digital Marketing ToledoA Case Study in Choosing The Right SEO Keywords

A client needed to know which search engine keywords to target with search engine optimization for a new website.  Services offered could be described as Organizational Health Consultant, Change Management Consultant, Employee Engagement Consultant, or Management Consultant.

Keyword search volume tools abound on the internet, but the keyword suggestion and search count spreadsheets can be overwhelming.

Keeping It Simple

To simplify things, I used a free Google tool to illustrate search trends in search engine volume for these search terms on a nice graph below. As you can see, even if frequency of searches are declining over the last 10 years, one search term absolutely dominates.

If you know what to do with this information, then try it yourself, here  Just remember to use the best keywords consistently in your:

  • Site Name / URL
  • Page Names / URLs
  • Page Title Tags
  • Page Meta Description Tag
  • Page H1 and H2 Heading Tags
  • Blog Post Meta Tags
  • Blog H1 and H2 Heading Tags
  • Blog Categories
  • Content Copy and Media Captions
  • Page Tags
  • Blog Tags
  • Alt Img tags
  • Image Description Tags

Your best chance for getting on Google page one search results, if you are just starting out, may be for the lesser used terms (called a “long tail” strategy).  These long tail terms are easier to dominate because there is not as much competition for the page one ranking on lesser used terms.  But to get the most website traffic, you will need a consistent long-term strategy of targeting the most used keywords relevant to your products or services.

If you don’t know which keywords to target, or which variations to explore, or how to implement on page optimization, I can help you with that! See Our HOME PAGE for more information about services offered.

Come back soon for an article about Off Page Search Optimization (Inbound Marketing).



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