Speaker Available: Toledo Digital Marketing, and SEO

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Speaker Available: Toledo Digital Marketing, and SEO

Speaker Available: Toledo Business Technology Digital Marketing, and SEO.

Digital MarketingIf your Toledo area group or organization has members who want to learn about Business Technology, Digital Marketing, and SEO then I can help you with that by providing a talk on “Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization: Myths & Facts To Help Gain Publicity and Increase Sales“.  A synopsis is shown below.

Websites about new companies, products, services, technologies or innovations that are not found on Google Page One search engine results will have a hard time creating awareness, accomplishing publicity, generating leads, or creating partners or customers unless you also spend money on an ongoing advertising campaign to drive traffic to the website.  But when you turn off advertising, you fall off Google Page One.  On the other hand, Organic Search Engine Optimization helps you get on Google Page One – and stay there, without ongoing advertising expenses.  Many changes have taken place in the search engine optimization field and many rumors abound.  Find out which ones are important.  It is not as hard as some want you to think, it is not as expensive as some want you to think, and it doesn’t take as long as some would have you think. I will demonstrate strategies, techniques, and tools that can help you get Page One results on Google so your digital marketing efforts will succeed.

Sample Slides are shown below demonstrating how quickly keywords can be ranked.

One Month SEO Ranking Improvement Graph

Starting With 4 Keywords on Google Page One and Ending with 9 Keywords on Google Page One


One Month Numerical Representation of SEO Movement & Results

The next slide shows the numerical representation of rank and movement for each of 17 keywords now on Google Page One Search Results, including a ranking path showing which page or blog post accomplished the result.  Here we see the effect of Web Pages, Categories, Tags, and Blog Posts.

Organic Search Engine Optimization Tracking Report Toledo

Organic Search Engine Optimization Tracking Report Toledo

These talks can run from 5 minutes to 3o minutes depending on your need.  Other presentations are available or can be created, running up to one hour, to help educate your group members.


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