Online Marketing and Online Advertising Terminology Over Time

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Online Marketing and Online Advertising Terminology Over Time

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Here is an interesting graph on word usage frequency for #internet #marketing, #online marketing, #website marketing, #web #site #marketing, #digital #marketing, #online #advertising and a few more…

Please note:  Google Trends only shows results through 2008.  But current keyword research indicates the average monthly searches for these terms differ from frequency of use in literature.

Keyword                                                                 Average Monthly Searches

toledo website design90
website design30
web design30
website designers10
website creation10
create website10
cheap websites10
web developers10
business websites10
graphic design website10
web page10
custom website10
a website10
affordable web design10
affordable website design10
affordable websites10
best web design companies10
best web design company10
build website10
business website design10
cheap web design10
cheap website10
cheap website design10
cms web design10
company website design10
company websites10
cool website design10
cool website designs10
corporate website design10
creating website10
creative web design10
css web design10
custom web design10
custom website design10
custom website designers10
custom websites10
design a web page10
design a webpage10
design a website10
design companies10
design company10
design firm10
design site10
design web page10
design web pages10
design website10
design websites10
design your own website10
designer site10
designer website10
designer websites10
designers websites10
designing a website10
designing websites10
e commerce website10
ecommerce website10
ecommerce websites10
flash web design10
flash websites10
freelance web design10
freelance web designer10
good web design10
good website design10
graphic and web design10
graphic design websites10
graphic designer website10
graphic designers websites10
graphic web design10
great web design10
great website design10
home website10
homepage design10
interactive website design10
internet design10
internet site10
internet sites10
make website10
mobile web design10
mobile website design10
modern web design10
modern website design10
my own website10
my website10
professional web design company10
professional website10
professional website design10
professional website designs10
professional website development10
professional websites10
real estate website design10
restaurant website design10
seo web10
seo web design10
simple web design10
simple website design10
site design10
site designer10
site website10
small business web design10
small business website design10
small business websites10
the website10
top web design10
top web design companies10
top web designers10
top website design10
top website designers10
web agency10
web application design10
web building10
web creation10
web design & development10
web design agencies10
web design agency10
web design and development10
web design and development company10
web design and hosting10
web design business10
web design companies10
web design company10
web design cost10
web design development10
web design examples10
web design firm10
web design graphics10
web design hosting10
web design ideas10
web design marketing10
web design packages10
web design portfolio10
web design portfolios10
web design quote10
web design rates10
web design seo10
web design service10
web design services10
web design site10
web design sites10
web design website10
web design websites10
web designer portfolio10
web designer websites10
web designers10
web designers websites10
web designing companies10
web designs10
web development10
web development companies10
web development company10
web development services10
web graphic designer10
web graphics10
web page design10
web page designer10
web page development10
web pages design10
website builders10
website building10
website companies10
website company10
website design and hosting10
website design companies10
website design company10
website design cost10
website design costs10
website design examples10
website design ideas10
website design packages10
website design quote10
website design service10
website design services10
website design sites10
website design tools10
website designer10
website designing10
website designing companies10
website designs10
website developer10
website developers10
website development10
website development companies10
website development company10
website layouts10
website making10
website management10
website packages10
website redesign10
website services10
websites design10
affordable search engine optimization services0
affordable seo company0
affordable web design services0
best web page design0
business web design0
business web page design0
cheap web designer0
cheap web designers0
cheap website designers0
cms website design0
company web design0
corporate web design0
creative website design0
custom web design company0
custom web design services0
custom web designer0
custom web development0
custom website design company0
custom website design services0
custom website development0
design for website0
design of website0
design web0
designers website0
designing a web page0
designing web pages0
designing website0
digital design agency0
digital web design0
dynamic web design0
easy website design0
ecommerce seo0
ecommerce web development0
ecommerce website development0
flash website design0
freelance web designers0
interactive web design0
it web design0
marketing website design0
new web design0
new website design0
personal website design0
professional web design companies0
professional website design company0
professional website designer0
professional website designers0
quality web design0
real estate web design0
search engine optimisation companies0
search engine optimisation firm0
seo web development0
seo website design0
site optimisation0
top web designs0
top website designs0
w site0
web and design0
web and graphic design0
web design and development services0
web design and marketing0
web design and seo0
web design by0
web design costs0
web design firms0
web design package0
web design studio0
web designer companies0
web designer company0
web designer site0
web designer website0
web designing company0
web designing services0
web designing sites0
web designing websites0
web developer company0
web development agency0
web development firm0
web development firms0
web internet marketing0
web page design companies0
web page design company0
web page designers0
web page designing0
web page designs0
web redesign0
web s0
web search engine optimisation0
web solutions company0
webdesign agency0
website agency0
website consultant0
website design agency0
website design and development0
website design and development company0
website design and marketing0
website design and seo0
website design business0
website design development0
website design firm0
website design firms0
website design portfolio0
website design website0
website designed0
website designer company0
website designing company0
website designing services0
website development services0
website optimization company0
website solutions0
website web design0
websites designers0
websites designs0




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