Can a Sound Marketing Plan Produce Success on Autopilot? 

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Can a Sound Marketing Plan Produce Success on Autopilot? 

Can a Sound Marketing Plan Produce Success on Autopilot?

Success doesn’t happen by accident.  At least not usually!  Most small business owners have a business plan… in their head.  Or, maybe somewhere down around the seat of their pants : )

Doing your business planning or marketing plan in writing is much more powerful than keeping it in your head.  A written plan can be shared, bought into by stakeholders, guide during unexpected events – even if you are not personally involved in the day to day decision-making on the front line with supply chain or delivery chain partners.  How do others recognize an opportunity if they don’t know your complete plan for the future?  Do your people know what you want?  Do they KNOW it or only “have a general idea”.

The more your marketing plan is a written plan, the more thought goes into it, the more research goes into it, and the more on point it can be to help you get where you really want to go.

A written plan shared with others eliminates wasted effort and accelerates desired results – just because you and your crew have thought about it more.  And because some sound priorities and schedules have been set.

So here is a question for you.  Do your people know what you want?  Do they KNOW it in their sleep, or only “have a general idea”.  Do they know where you want to be in a year, or two, or three?  Or do they just want to do more of what they did yesterday?  The more your marketing plan is on point, the less wasted effort and the faster the desired result.

So… is it time to stop hoping and wishing and get proactive about creating a solid marketing plan?

Follow link to see example Integrated Marketing Communications Plan as PDF or PowerPoint > See Sample Integrated Marketing Communications Plan PowerPoint and  Sample Integrated Marketing Communications Plan PDF.  

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